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The Mermaid is a linocut print from an original design, carved and printed by hand on Ho-Sho paper.

This print is inspired by a Norfolk tale about the Sheringham Mermaid:

There are a few versions of this story.
The most popular says she was lured to shore by the singing coming from a church in Sheringham. She dragged herself out of the water and up the hill only to be turned away at the door. Determined, she snuck in and can still be seen there today on a bench-end carving.
The second version says she washed up on the beach in a terrible storm seeking refuge in the church where she remains to this day.
Either way, she’s still there!

The image is printed on 39.5cm X 28cm sized paper.


Each print is handmade and unique so there may be slight variations from the picture shown.

Please note this sale does not include a frame.

The print will be carefully packaged with a backboard and home compostable / biodegradable film.

The Mermaid

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